Drink with me?

Adventure in liquor drinking between the Doctor and his Rose.

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He was so touched for like 5 seconds.


Based on this fic by bitchymama

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Sentence Starters [Paramore version] - Mixture of fluff, angst, nsfw.

"I think we have an emergency."
"Stay with me; this is what I need, please."
"This heart; it beats, beats for only you."
"Please don't go now."
"My heart is yours."
"Well, what's the problem? You've got a lot of nerve!"
"I put my faith in you -- so much faith -- and then you just threw it away."
"God, it's just feels so good."
"I've watched his wildest dreams come true; not one of them involving you."
"I noticed your eyes are always glued to me."
"You don't know what you do to me."
"You treat me just like another stranger."
"Ignorance is your new best friend."
"Maybe you should tie me up so I won't go where you don't want me."
"You don't have to believe me...."
"We must get more acquainted."
"You don't deserve a point of few if the only thing you see is you."
"We still live in the same town well don't we? But I don't see you around anymore."
"I feel no sympathy."
"There's no need to apologize, I've got no time for feeling sorry."
"Won't you promise me tonight?"
"No one is as lucky as us."
"I am just a ghost."
"All I wanted was you."
"How did we get here?"
"I used to know you so well."
"I'm a renegade; it's in my blood."
"I'm not a little girl no more."
"Some of us have to grow up sometimes...."
"If I have to, I'm gonna leave you behind."
"Aren't you tired of always being mad at the world?"
"Baby, I don't want your pity, so don't feel sorry for me."
"What are you gonna do when the world don't orbit around you?"
"Don't go cryin' to your mama."
"I thought I would be happy by now..."
"After all this time, I'm still into you."
"I should be over all the butterflies, but I'm into you."
"I'm into you."
"Why do you care what people think?"
"The only proof that I need is you."
"So do you love me?"
"All you gotta do is say yes."
"I'd hate to see your heart break."
"Aren't you gonna stay the night?"
"As soon as you walk out my door, I'm gonna call a hundred times."
"I'm not one of those crazy girls."
"I'm not angry anymore."
"You should be alone with me."


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SEXUAL TENSION VERSION (can be nsfw, better used with ships)


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"Of course, because everyone keeps a spare…"


"What did you do to the microwave?"

"I may have dismantled it for parts of my new sonic."

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"I’ll make it up to you."




"—No no, I think you’ve done enough." Though he was curious. "What exactly did you have in mind?"


"I’m tellin’ you though if we were together I wouldn’t get mad at you. Besides.. What did you do to the microwave?"

"Buy me a drink first. I’ve been trying to make a new sonic and unfortunately the microwave needed to be sacrificed."

Together || Closed


Rose was roused out of her thoughts by his voice and turned her head to look at him.  He looked like she felt.  Lost.  ”Why?  I mean, you didn’t come back last time.”  She was having trouble separating the two of them.  The Doctor and this man, in fact she wasn’t sure she should think of them as different.  The Doctor made sure she understood that they were the same.  

Her life was a wreck, completely in tatters.  She had made no long term plans for staying in this Universe because she was so sure that when the Doctor and her were finally reunited that she would be with him.  Well, you know what they say about the best laid plans.  

"You were the same man when I first saw you again, on that deserted road with Donna, what was going through your head?"  She asked him and turned her attention back to the ocean.  It was beautiful here, for such a beautiful place to hold so many sad memories for her, it was almost tragic.  "Because if it is what was going through my head then..I don’t understand how he could just..walk away.  He didn’t even say goodbye!"  She shouted.  "After everything, it was like, I don’t deserve it?  I don’t deserve closure?"  

She broke down into sobs, her whole body shaking.  ”I worked so hard, I went days at a time without eating or sleeping, working on that damned dimension cannon, me, the girl who didn’t get her A levels..I understand quantum physics!”  She continued, getting everything off her chest.  This was her chance at some semblance of catharsis and she was diving in head first.  ”I helped save the the whole of creation..and what happens..I’m back on this bloody beach!”

Rose finally turned back to him.  ”Did you know?  Did you know what he was planning?  Leaving me..leaving us here?”  She corrected quickly.  He must think she had gone bonkers - her emotions were all over the place.  

“I didn’t really have much of a choice.” He spoke softly, “Not too long after we finished speaking, Donna somehow managed to get into the TARDIS while I was in orbit.” If he hadn’t ran into Donna, he would’ve found his way back to her. Somehow. And of course, Rose Tyler found her way before he. And that’s what made her absolutely wonderful.

“I didn’t think it was real,” He, too, looked back to the horizon and let out a sigh. “Donna had told me about Bad Wolf returning and talking to you but…I never thought that you’d come back to me and you did. I wanted to make sure that you were really there.” The Doctor allowed her to get her frustration out, knowing that she had many questions and hopefully he could answer them.

The point that Rose had been missing was that the Doctor, the man with two hearts, had given her closure. He’d given her something that none of his companions could ever have, a forever with him. And perhaps Jackie was right about Rose knowing that but that still didn’t stop her from hurting.

The Doctor took a risk once she broke down crying by moving closer and wrapping his arms around her. “He knows that,” He reassured her, “I know how hard you worked to get back to me and he knows that, too. This beach might not be the place where you wanted to be but…he has given you something special and right now you might be to upset to realize it but it’s here.”

Her next question was expected and yet it still caught him off guard. Had he known that the full Timelord would drop them off here? “I assumed it once we started to take the others home. Though I thought he would take me with him, perhaps keep me under quarantine for the genocide but…instead he gave me to you. He knew that you would make me a better man just like how you did when we first met.”