She rested her head on his shoulder, nuzzling in and breathing in the scent of him. “I want to have a baby” she mumbled into his shoulder. She didn’t know whether or not he heard her, but she felt better now that she had gotten it out. She breathed out a huge sigh of relief and hugged him tight. 

"I love you Doctor. I always have." She smiled into his jumper. He was so silent, "Doctor…. John? I’m sorry. Have I upset you? I just… I thought you needed to know. I couldn’t continue to keep it from you, it isn’t right. Doctor…. Please say something? Please?"

The Doctor’s heart almost instantly stops beating at the mention of a baby. It was then and only then had he wished that he had another heart to keep him going. So it hadn’t been the untouched boxes that had brought her over the edge. It was this news that had been pooling inside of her, building up and up until it reached its climax.


He doesn’t say anything but he continues to hold her. Listening to her rambling on. Was he upset? The Doctor shook his head, tongue darting out to lick his lips. “Rose, I-I’m not mad. Not one bit. I just—I’m going to be a father?” He grinned. “Well not yet, obviously. But soon and we’re going to have a family! Do you know what this means, love?”


Rose stuttered for a moment under his intense gaze, ” I uhm… It’s just… I just wanted, I want…. ugh!” she quickly turned away from him as she felt a tear escape and roll down her cheek, she didn’t want him to see her cry again. “I can’t get it out of my head. It’s been all I could think about for months now. I want to tell you, but I just can’t know how you will react to something like this.” And she really didn’t know how to tell him -her Doctor, her John- that she wanted to start a family with him. Bloody hell they weren’t even engaged yet! How could honestly begin thiking about a family with her.

"I wan it so badly but the timing, well, it isn’t right. I know we - I - should wait to even talk about it. but we have been together for years, whether we realized it or not. I don’t know Doctor, maybe I’m just being strange… Just forget I said anything." Rose’s head hung and she looked at the floor in shame. She couldn’t know how he would react to her thoughts, and that alone scared her most. Another tear escaped her eye, and she quickly swiped it away with the back of her hand. Sniffling a bit she started to turn back to the kettle which by now, was whistling.

From the way she was speaking, it was obvious that she had a lot on her mind. Whatever it was, she didn’t know how to word it and the Doctor was going to be patient with her as she found those right words. “Rose,” He placed his hand on her shoulder, giving it a gentle squeeze. “You know that you can tell me anything. There’s nothing to worry about, please.”

How could he forget when it had been bothering her for months? How could he have been so stupid, so oblivious? He’d been so invested in himself, tinkering with the household appliances in order to make a new sonic, ignoring the piles of boxes and his daily task. The Doctor watched as she handled the kettle, watched as the sadness washed over her once again. The pit of his stomach tightened as his own emotion began to pool within him. Rose was upset, his Rose and it had been his fault, again. Stepping closer, he turns her over and wipes away at the stream her tears had caused. “Tell me what is on your mind.”

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Is that so? Even if I promise to make it worth your wild? 

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Rose didn’t want to get up from his side but she knew that if she didn’t then she wouldn’t get anything done that night, and she had a lot to get done. She had paperwork to fill out from work that week and she had to unpack the boxes in the living room because it didn’t seem like John would do it anytime soon. She started a pot of water for the tea thinking about the one topic that had been on her mind all week, then heard John come in the room behind her. “Doctor… I… how long have we been here? I’ve lost track of how long its been since we were left.” Rose was slowly becoming more and more embarrassed a she kept talking. She couldn’t figure out how to ask him about what she really wanted to know… about one of the few things she had dreamed about while travelling with The Doctor. Being a real family. Ever since it became possible, it was all Rose could think about. “I just assumed you would know because that’s the kind of thing you would keep track of…” she trailed off, thinking again about a baby. She didn’t think it would ever happen. It had taken John months to become comfortable enough to sleep in the same bed as Rose. She only assumed that he never thought about a family with her, no matter how much he loved her.

Suddenly she couldn’t hold it in any longer, “Doctor…. John… Do you really love me as much as you say you do? Honestly?” She looked down at the floor, fearful of his answer. She didn’t want to change the way things were between them, but she just needed to know of it was something that he thought about as well. She needed to know if she was wasting her time wishing for a family if he had decided it wasn’t going to happen,

When he heard her question, he paused and thought long and hard about it, lips rolling in the process. “We’ve been here for nine months, twenty-two days, and about three and a half hours.” He grins at her before returning his attention to the piece of paper. It was only when she had remained quiet had he lifted his gaze. There was something bothering her and he hoped it wasn’t the packed boxes. Placing down the pencil, he makes his way over towards her.

“I only keep track of it because that’s the day you became mine. Officially mine.” The only reason he’d waited so long to sleep in the same bed with her was because he was nervous. He’d always dreamed of how Rose slept. Did she snore? Sleep on the right side of the bed or the left? There were times on the TARDIS where he, the Doctor with two hearts, would stop by her room to check on her. But mainly the reason was that he wanted her to feel comfortable with him. It was a new experience for the both of them and it was only right for them both to be okay with one another before anything happened.

Her question caused his heart to sink within his chest, how could she think that? He lifted her chin, locking his gaze with her. “What I said on that beach, nine months ago, I meant it. I love you and I don’t ever want you to doubt that. What’s wrong, Rose? There has to be something bothering you besides the boxes.”


Rose smiled beneath his lips. “I want to learn more… will you teach me? Please?” She nuzzled into his neck, and laid a hand on his chest. “I love you John.” She pursed her lips for a moment as she thought to herself. “What should we do now? “She looked up at him for a moment before jumping up and slipping on her robe. “I’ll make tea! Black?”

“I’ll teach you many Gallifreyan things, my love. More than just simple phrases but songs, stories, lullabies.” He gave her a soft smile, hands stroking her lower back as he met her gaze. Her eyes were beautiful, absolutely beautiful and if he had the chance, he would look into them all day long. “Mm a cuppa sounds lovely; I’ll meet you in the kitchen.”

When she leaves, he gets up from the bed, grabbing a few pieces of paper. What was a better time to teach her than now? Besides, he wanted to get her mind off of packing which he knew she’d be reminded of when she saw the boxes in the living room. Which also meant that he needed to unpack those, great. The Doctor hurries off towards the kitchen, settling the papers down. He grabs a pencil, briefly glancing at her before scribbling away on the paper. 


My first attempt at something smutty. Enjoy!


My first attempt at something smutty. Enjoy!


The Doctor’s found the perfect halloween costumes. Now he just needs to convince Tony and Rose…

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Aria gaped at the man before her. Something about him felt familiar, even as the sinking feeling of being somewhere just that little bit different settled in as well. He had traces of her father, but traces of something or someone else as well, and the disturbances from what she assumed were the other Universe were getting in her way. “I…um…what? Sorry right TARDIS. I um…well its mine. Well not completely mine, more like my family’s. Or well…technically its not that either since my Dad stole it from Gallifrey, but judging by your energy pattern you’re probably familiar with that, am I right?”


[The Doctor slowly nodded his head, trying to comprehend everything she was saying. It was hers then her family’s? This woman was bloody mad.] Yeah, okay. [His eyes grew wide when she mention the Doctor.] M’sorry? Did you say your dad is the Doctor? [Yup, she was daft. He tried not to laugh but he couldn’t help it.] The Doctor doesn’t have children, not anymore. Yes, you’re right I am familiar with that because I stole the TARDIS. I am the Doctor.


She lowered her eyes. “But… You are the Doctor. You just came a bit early, yeah?” Her breathing was shaky. Why…She thought. Why does he have to leave again?

She gave him a forced smile. “So we go back to normal now? I live my life, wondering when I’ll see you again, working on a project that isn’t going anywhere? You, off in the TARDIS, Last of the Time Lords, traveling the universe?” She looked up at him, desperately. “Leaving again?” She said, her voice breaking.

[That look on her face always managed to hit home with him.] Rose… [He couldn’t just leave her like this but he couldn’t stay either.] I wouldn’t tell you to work on a project if I knew that it wasn’t going to work, now would I? [He grabbed her hands and gave them a squeeze.] I guess, I can stay for a little while but I do have to leave. I have my own time to get to, I have someone who is waiting for me and I can’t keep them waiting forever.

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That tantalising finger of hers has begun to draw a ‘barely there’ path along his soft skin and light stubble, hovering tauntingly over his jaw line. And her gaze seems to follow, quite captured by the mapping her own touch is doing. Just to play around with the little phrase- she’d gladly put her mouth where her finger is; if they weren’t in public that is. 

The edges of her lips have hitched up now, her breath following in suit, catching in her throat when he begins to draw closer, however she’s still wearing that very ‘Rose Tyler’  grin. His light scent of vanilla and spices has trespassed through her air space, reminding her that she really ought to be far more disapproving about the maximum their flirting got to in public. They weren’t exactly unknown in this town.

Oh sod that. “Do you now?” She drawls out a little, her gaze sweeping from his optics, down to his lips, and back again. “Mm. Dunno if you’re learnin’ much with me bein’ so nice… Might needa try somethin’ different.” Her eyes are gleaming now, her tongue caught between her teeth teasingly.


[Taking in a slowly unsteady breath, the Doctor tried to speak but nothing came out. Those bloody fingers of hers were only going to get her into trouble.]

Mm, yes. [He caught that gaze of hers and in return he bites his lip. Removing his hands from his pockets, he grips onto her waist and pulls her close. She may not have been big on the whole flirting in public but she was certainly the one who started all of this.] It’s a shame that we have to go to your mum’s tonight; otherwise, we could start right away with our lessons.